ProductName:Toilet soap stamping machine
Company:Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
Addtime:2017-1-23 17:01:49
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The product description

This kind of vertical stamper with freezing dies is a new generation stamper based on the global latest technology, which is a program-controlled machine, an integration of vacuum, pneumatic, electronic, refrigeration, automatic and manual lubrication mechanisms. All of the key parts and components (such as slide ways, bearings, lubrication system, pneumatic system) are supplied by well-know brands, which are high-speed, reliable and low energy-consumption. It is able to satisfy the customer demand for: efficiency and versatility with all soap bases; production of quality bars at the highest speeds; easy dies changeover and reduced maintenance. The rotation of the lower mandrel is 60°, which results in more simplified structure, avoiding vulnerable points, and make the stamper more durable and reliable. Its humanized and intelligent design, which is under whole process monitoring, makes the stamper as one of the world’s advanced machines.

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